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The secret legacy of Zadracarta : an Eurasian epic and descendance !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Here is a scenario for cinema or television dedicated to the Eurasian epic and descendance whom Alexander the Great, the invincible Macedonian, and Thalestris, the last Queen of Amazons, are at the origin.


Scene I : Where is Bucephalus ?

We are in Zadracarta (most likely called Sari nowadays), capital of Hyrcania, at the northern border of Persia, near the Caspian Sea and above the Elburz mountains.
And the advance of Alexander is over suddenly stopped there, because his famous horse, Bucephalus, has disappeared during the night.

Alexander before his tent to the stable man in charge of his horse :
How come my horse disappeared ? You are in charge, aren't you ?

The stable man :
Well, your Majesty, I don't know what happened. It's strange.

Alexander :
What do you mean ?

The stable man, shivering to lose his head :
I think your horse has just been stolen by someone of Zadracarta, this backward capital.

Hephaestion is approaching them both :
Calm down, Alexander my friend ! He could be right.
The people don't seem so straight here. And all around it's full of mountain dwellers.

Ptolemeus, hearing the noise intervenes also :
Hephaestion is right, my cousin. If it has been stolen, the best is to give a reward for the recovering of Bucephalus.  And then, you can punish the one or the ones who did it.

Hephaestion :
Calm down, Alexander ! I am sure nobody will harm your horse, as it is so valuable.

The stable man :
If you think I must be killed for this, do it quickly my King. I accept your decision.

Alexander :
Hmmpf ! I don't want to kill you. You are a brave and sincere man, I know it. I'm just angry.

Alexander to everybody :
So the reward for Bucephalus' recovery will be a chest of gold coins !
Let it be known to everybody in Zadracarta and all around ! And I'll give the same reward also to anyone delivering me useful informations about who stole my dear horse !

In the surroundings of the camp there is suddenly a big noise. But it's not about Bucephalus.
The Macedonian soldiers are staring at ...extraordinary females on horseback, with weapons. Their breast is topless on the left side.
And the leader of the troop is astonishingly beautiful and in dignity.

Scene II : The surprising arrival of Thalestris, Queen of Amazons in the camp of Zadracarta

   Effectively, at that moment, Queen Thalestris is appearing in Alexander's camp with 300 Amazon warriors. She left Themiscyra (which was situated near what is now the modern town of Terme in Turkey, Samsun province) to meet Alexander. The Macedonians are ready to fight...
... but Alexander stops them by lifting the hand and saying : "Calm down, calm down ! The beautiful female chief seems to smile at me with grace and friendliness !"

Alexander is addressing the leader of female warriors :What's your name and title pretty lady warrior ?

Thalestris : My name is Thalestris, daughter of God Ares, and I am the Queen of Amazons !

Alexander : Oh, a divine Queen visiting me today, when I was angry after the disappearing of my horse, Bucephalus !

Thalestris : Yes, and I know you are Alexander, the great King and world conqueror, descendant of the supreme God Zeus.

Alexander : From where are you coming exactly ?

Thalestris : The capital of my kingdom is in Cappadocia, not so far from Hyrcania, and it is called Themiscyra. It is lying beside the beautiful river Terme. But my kingdom is extending further North, beyond the Black Sea and far above.

Alexander : Did you come on peace, my dear Queen ?

Thalestris : As you guess, King Alexander. And I came just for you, and you alone.

Alexander, surprised by a so direct answer :  For me alone !

Thalestris : Yes, I want to have a baby from the greatest King of Universe.

Alexander : A baby ? When ? Now ?

Thalestris : Yes ! I'll stay with you for thirteen days and nights from now for that purpose, if you accept.

Alexander : So, you want my body ?

Thalestris : Of course, it's my supreme desire on Earth.

Alexander, watching at Thaïs, his usual lover from Athens who is approaching his right shoulder :
Can you understand that Thaïs ? And are you ready to accept it ?

Thaïs : I am not your wife Alexander, and at the moment none is your wife.  I'll be jealous as a woman, but it could be a sign of destiny. So I'll accept it.

Alexander glances also at Hephaestion and Ptolemeus.

Hephaestion to Alexander : Accept my King, she is terribly pretty !

Ptolemeus to Alexander also : Yes, my dear cousin, and remember what said to you the Great Priest of Heliopolis in Egypt ! He clearly predicted her venue, and the glory for you over the millenaries to come, if you do so.

Thalestris : Should I add if you accept me as your new lover, the Gods will reward you by sending back your dear horse onto you ?!

Alexander : So mote it be then ! I accept your proposition Queen Thalestris !

Thalestris : Just a point to add, great King Alexander. If the baby is a girl, I'll keep her with me in Themiscyra to be my successor ; and if it is a boy, I'll send him to you at five if you can assure me he will be welcome, and safely treated as your heir.

Alexander : I see you know that only a boy can succeed me. But why did you say safely ?

Thalestris : Well, Alexander, as a King you know very well a lot of things can happen. I have heard good things about Hephaestion and Ptolemeus, who are extremely loyal towards you. But I don't know everybody here.

Alexander : I leave everything about it to your wiseness and female intuition thus, Thalestris.

Scene III : The first night of love

Thalestris is waiting Alexander on the royal couch of his tent. He just left Hephaestion and Ptolemeus, whom he gave orders to guard the camp.
And he is entering his tent, and sees a servant near the Queen.

The servant to Alexander : Do you still need my help, your Majesty ?

Alexander : No, you can leave us alone ! Thanks !

Thalestris : You look appeased this very night, Alexander. Have you found your horse ?

Alexander : No, but as you said Bucephalus will certainly be found back. Your words have put an end to my anger. And because I am stuck in Zadracarta for the time being, I can give my time to you after all.

Thalestris : You are rather philosopher as a King, aren't you ?

Alexander : Well, I was a disciple of Aristotle, you know. But himself, he is not so patient. On this point, in spite of my passionate character, I can still beat him.

Thalestris : I've heard you can beat him also on the width of your personal views, isn't it ?

Alexander : You could be right, as often he just ends up to be a stubborn but vain sophist. Sometimes, I got fed up of his limited standard : yes/no, true/wrong, white/black...and so on. He is also unable to appreciate the beauty of plants, to detect the cleverness of animals, or the great value of other civilizations.

Thalestris : You find him too predictable and limitative if not limited, a bore then. Don't you ?

Alexander : He certainly is sometimes. But let's think about us now, beautiful Queen !

Alexander takes her against him and starts to caress delicately her nice dark hair.

Thalestris : You don't look brutal, great King. Are you always so gentle with women ?

Alexander : Why should I be brutal ? I don't want to spoil your pleasure and mine also. I am just thinking I never envisioned to conquer your kingdom and your subjects.

Thalestris : You don't need to do that, Alexander. My body is already your territory, and I am totally devoted to your desires !

Alexander feels encouraged to be bolder with her, and kisses her all around.

Thalestris : Don't you think it's a bit hot here ?

Alexander : Oh yes ! And I can feel you are like burning in my hands.

Thalestris : If men were allowed equalilly in my kingdom, I would certainly have chosen you my darling.

Alexander : That's a great compliment coming from an Amazon, darling Thalestris.

Thalestris : I want to propose you something, Alexander. Let's marry tonight by following the special rite of Artemis.

Alexander : I don't know this rite, and yet I am now also Pharaoh of Egypt and Libya.

Thalestris : Is it true the Egyptian rites are extremely impressive for a human being, Alexander ?

Alexander : Even for a King, darling. I was surprisingly transported in other dimensions, and could see the far future very clearly. It was absolutely amazing !
And I am quite honoured to be the first Macedonian Pharaoh of history.

Thalestris : My ceremony is surely more simple, but deep also.
It is called "the marriage of the Sun and the Moon".

Alexander : Let's try then, I am curious !

Thalestris : You have to know first, you and me will be really married in front of the Gods, Alexander. Even after I'll have gone back to my capital, Themiscyra, without seeing you anymore, we will still be married. Do you accept to be my Sun and husband thus ?

Alexander : I am burning about it, my darling ! And you , do you want to be my Moon and wife then ?

Thalestris : Oh yes, nothing would please me more, darling !
Give me a legitimate child, either girl or boy, my great King. Make me pregnant now !

Scene IV : Hephaestion, Ptolemeus and Thaïs are visiting the couple

The three of them come to visit Alexander and Thalestris after their first night together.

Thaïs : Alexander, Alexander ? Can we enter the room ?

Alexander : Yes, you can Thaïs.

Thaïs is followed immediately by Hephaestion and Ptolemeus.

Alexander : Oh, you came three together Thaïs. I'm all right.
Thalestris is a marvelous woman. We took great care of each other.

Thalestris : Alexander and me married last night by following the Amazon rite of "the marriage of the Sun and the Moon" !

Thaïs : I was expecting a surprise like that. She looks so beautiful, that it must be impossible to resist her. And both of you are royals after all. So what had to happen occurred.

Ptolemeus : Don't worry about marriage Thaïs, one day a loving man will spouse you also.

Alexander to Ptolemeus : It could be you my cousin ! I've got this feeling. In that case, I give Thaïs and you, and by advance, my benediction of King.

Thaïs and Ptolemeus, a bit red : Thank you, Alexander !

Hephaestion : Well, as I see that everybody is happy, I am also quite happy.
Two marriages over suddenly ! We are really blessed by the Gods of Olympe, Alexander !

Thaïs : Perhaps, we should leave them together now, as there are still twelve days and nights to go !

The three best friends of Alexander are withdrawing with delicacy, while smiling at the newly "wed" couple.

Thalestris whispering to Alexander :
Can I ask you something Alexander ?

Alexander, whispering also :
Yes ! What is your question ?

Thalestris : It's about Ptolemeus. Is he really your cousin, or more ?

Alexander : What do you mean by "more" ?

Thalestris : Well, I've heard he could be your half-brother in fact : is it true ?

Alexander : You seem rather well informed about me and my family, Queen Thalestris ...

Thalestris : Our family now, my super King Alexander !

Alexander :  He might be effectively my half-brother, according to what said to me my father, King Philip when he was alive. And it's true my mother, Queen Olympias, is also considering him this way. But it's better for both of us to stay like that, to avoid people's funny interferences.
We love each other as brothers anyway.

Thalestris : I noticed, and I respect your point of view. So I know now he is my brother-in-law and the nice uncle of our future descendance, actually.

Alexander : Let's stop talking my darling. Kiss me, Thalestris, my tender wife !

Scene V : The last night of Thalestris and Alexander in Zadracarta

Thalestris :  It's our last night Alexander. I feel sad to leave tomorrow, after the intense period we shared together.

Alexander : Me too, Thalestris ! Tomorrow, it will be like we have to awake from a dream. It's strange but I think you made me become more sentimental, after this passionate experience.

Thalestris : So, you love me ?

Alexander : Normally, I don't say such a thing easily. But I have to admit you shook up my heart. And I feel like if a part of me is going to leave tomorrow. It's so unusual for me.

Thalestris : Kiss me, Alexander ! An let's make this last night still more memorable than the previous ones.

Alexander kisses her tenderly on the lips. She is melting in his arms.

Thalestris : I feel I am also in love with you, Alexander. And it's the first time in my life. I didn't know it could be so strong and marvelous to be in love.

Alexander : But the way, can I ask you a question darling ?

Thalestris : Yes ? !

Alexander :  This period of time you have chosen for our love, thirteen days and nights, has it something to do with a kind of  Moon magic ?

Thalestris : Yes, it's the length of the rite of "the marriage of the Sun and and the Moon" in Amazon beliefs.

Alexander : In the Greek Mysteries and the Egyptian also, 13 is a kind of perfect number. It symbolises wealth, great achievement and any kind of success, but also equalilly fertility and fecundity.

Thalestris : We take it in a rather similar way. And as it is the number of rebirth for a soul kept in a diamond-shaped coffin, it is logically associated with birth itself.
A free soul can this way incarnate in a nascent and new body, as a baby. And the only surprise is the sex of the newborn.

Alexander : I see. I've heard also the Amazon year is made of 13 moons, isn't it ?

Thalestris : You are quick to adapt to our customs, my Sun and husband.

Alexander : Well, I try my Moon and wife, because I love you darling.

Thalestris : I want you to know my Sunshine that my Amazons and me will always be on your side. Whatever the place and time, if necessary, we will fiercely support you and our descendance, our beloved family to come !

Alexander passionately hugs her with innumerable kisses.

First epilog :

Soon after she left his camp in the morning, his horse Bucephalus miraculously reappeared... from nowhere apparently.

Alexander : Oh, that's my horse overthere. Bucephalus ! Bucephalus !
Come to me !

Alexander is caressing his horse. He is so happy to have recovered it.

He can't help thinking about Thalestris, exclaiming :
What a cheeky woman, this Queen Thalestris ! But also what a great lover and wife !
She will be a good mother for our descendance, our family she would say.

                                                                      (to be followed)

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