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The secret legacy of Zadracarta II : an Eurasian epic and descendance !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This is a following of our great saga, as a scenario for cinema or television.
For the heroïc times to be reborn, and to the lives which are not mere legends !

Act II : Life in Themiscyra

Scene I : The coming back of Thalestris in Themiscyra (Cappadocia)

Thalestris and her two lieutenant (e) s are entering their capital at dawn, returning from Zadracarta. They are exchanging words and impressions nicely.
Myrto :
You seem to be happy of the good time you had with Alexander, great Queen !

Thalestris :
Yes, you can say so. It's really a pity our law forbid me to bring permanently my husband in my capital. Our rules may have been justified in the past, but nowadays they make us so backward in this changing world.

Phoebe :
You mean that we should change and adapt to the new world your husband is creating, right now ?

Thalestris :
I think so. And it has to come from ourselves as he wouln't conquer us.

Myrto :
How can you be so sure he wouldn't try.

Thalestris :
He doesn't need to even envision it. He conquered me your Queen already. And above that I told him my Amazons and me will always support him and our descendance to come.

Phoebe :
Really ! So we are his allies forever now, if I understand well.

Thalestris :
You do ! Alexander is the greatest King of universe. And he always win battles, even the most impossible ones. And he certainly won the battle of my heart !

Myrto :
You are in love, my Queen, aren't you ?

Thalestris :
Oh yes ! And it's a so great feeling.

Phoebe :
Me, I could have fallen in love of one of his body-guard from Thessalian origin, Lysimachus.
But the problem is Lysimachus has probably forgotten about me.

Thalestris :
Do you mean he is unstable with women ?

Phoebe :
Not exactly ! Just two days before I captured Alexander's horse for your successful scene entrance my Queen, he was sent as a ranger to Persia by King Alexander. With his men, he had to observe and evaluate the remaining troops of  King Darius.

Thalestris :
So what ?

Phoebe :
Well, after he received the order of Alexander, he came back to his tent and he didn't recognize me.
I felt strange because we had a so passionate night together. Of course, I was a servant for him, but he asked me who I was ?

Thalestris :
You mean he was suspecting you of something ?

Phoebe :
Not at all ! When I called him "my great cat", he suddenly remembered me and our terrific night.
He then confessed to me about the great battle of Issos : since the great schock he received at the head, he has got blanks sometimes.

Myrto :
That's a bit annoying.

Phoebe :
Yes. And he added Alexander was sending him beside the Persian lines with a Thessalian detachment of cavalry to help him recovering. As a matter of fact, when he is riding horse, the shakes are putting his head right !

Thalestris :
I am not surprised. Alexander is always trying to help his surrounders. He is the most astonishing King and great conqueror I have ever met in my life. He told me about his idea to establish a universal brotherhood and a bridge between opposed civilizations.

Thalestris is suddenly yawning.

Myrto to Thalestris :
That's great to be his sisters !
But I think at the moment my great Queen needs a rest.
Phoebe, leaving also :
Yes, that's terrific to have such a great brother ! Have a good night my Queen ! I am sure your beloved husband will visit you in your dreams !

Scene II : In the temple of the Moon
Thalestis in entering at night the Temple of the Moon. She is received by Antandre, the great priestress, beside the tall statue of Artemis.

Antandre :
What is the purpose of your visit, Queen Thalestris ?

Thalestris :
I came to thank our Goddess for her help. I was successful in meeting Alexander the Great, and whe shared the same couch for thirteen days and nights. Thus we got married at the same time.

Antandre :
Do you think you are pregnant, my Queen ?

Thalestris :
Oh, yes ! And I want to thank Goddess Artemis for that.

Antandre :
I see. That's a great news. Let me draw the Moon stones to tell you about the future.

And she does.

Thalestris :
What can you see, great priestress ?

Antandre :
Hmmm ! I think there will be a great surprise about this baby !
May be the daughter you want will not come alone, apparently !?

Thalestris :
Do you mean I'll receive a special visit at the time of her birth ?

Antandre :
Yes, clearly ! But the visit will come from the birth itself.
There could be a baby boy coming at the same time in fact !

Thalestris :
You mean twins in that case ! That would be nice. One for me, and one for Alexander. Let's celebrate this with an holy dance !

Antandre, clapping the hands :
Orithia, Polymora and Xanthe, come ! Appear and dance for our great Queen and her future twins !

The three beautiful maidens initiate a lovely but strange circular dance , by moving delicately the arms and the body. And at the same time they start to sing a mesmerizing melody in the honor of Goddess Artemis.

Thalestris to Antandre :
Will my children be healthy and beautiful ?

Antandre :
Oh yes, certainly, my Queen ! But you will have to choose well their names to ward off evil.

Thalestris :
Which kind of names ?

Antandre :
A name connected to God for the boy, and an attribute of yourself for the girl.

Thalestris :
I see. You mean my son's name should recall Alexander's divine origin, and my daughter's name just how I was when I was small.

Antandre :
That's exactly the idea, Queen Thalestris.

Thalestris is glancing at her, as she wants to ask something which is puzzling her from her return.

Antandre :
Yes, what do you want to ask me, my Queen ? Is it about the link between the Gods and Alexander ?

Thalestris :
You are very good at guessing my thoughts. It's about Gods' scent.
When Alexander held me tight, I could smell very clearly and deeply an odour of violet coming from his skin. Do the Gods have a nice smell of violet also, like Alexander ?

The great priestress :
Oh, yes ! Holly beings always have a magnificent scent !

Thalestris :
In that case, the great priest of Heliopolis in Egypt was totally right about Alexander : he really is a descendant of Zeus, the supreme God of Olympe. And I am so proud to have been the first woman to marry him, before anybody else ! Our son will be his male first heir !

Scene III : The birth of twins

We are at the end of summer, and Thalestris is going to give birth.
She suffers, and Antiope, an old Amazon who is midwife, is looking after her. She is helped by Penthesilea a younger Amazon.

Antiope to Thalestris on her couch :
Take this beverage my Queen ! It will stop your pain, and help at the same time the baby to come.

Thalestis, blowing on the hot drinking :
Ffff! Ffff! Ffff ! Hmm, the taste is not bad.

Antiope :
It will provoke quickly the delivery. Can you feel the baby coming out now ?

Thalestris :
Oh yes, it's coming ! Actually, the great priestress Antandre predicted me there will be two babies, Antiope !

Antiope :
Really ! Well it could be the reason why your tummy is so big, even on the sides. They needed plenty room. Let's see the princesses coming out to life then !

Thalestris :
Not the princesses, Antiope ! The prince and the princess, if Antandre was right !

Antiope :
You seem to be wishing such an unusual birth, dear Queen of Amazons !
You must love very much King Alexander, your husband ? Musn't you ?

Thalestris :
Of course !

Thalestris is pushing, and a boy is getting out first.
Antiope is pulling him with skill, cutting his umbilical cord and giving him to her aid, the young Penthesilea. She puts him down delicately in a cradle.

Antiope :
You are right, the first one is a beautiful boy !

The baby boy is crying and the three women are happy to hear that.

Antiope :
Push again, my Queen ! The second one has to get out quickly also !
Push ! Push ! Take a breathe ! Take a breathe ! Yes, like that !...
And now push at once ! That's it, very good !

The second baby is suddenly getting out of her womb. And the Queen feels at last released. Antiope does the same carry-on and gives again the baby to Penthesilea.

Penthesilea takes the little baby-girl by the the feet, and with air penetrating suddenly her lungs, she is also crying. She deposits the baby-girl beside her brother in the same cradle. And they cry joyfully together.

Everybody is so happy.

Antiope and Penthesilea are taking the babies to give them to Thalestris who wants to see and hold them against her heart.

Antiope to Thalestris :
How do you want to call them, my Queen ?
I guess you already prepared their names as you knew it will be a boy and a girl.

Thalestris :
I want to follow the good advice of Antandre.
I'll call my little boy "Vanya", in memory of Alexander, my beloved husband. And my little girl "Anya", as she recalls me myself.

Antiope :
So you chose Slav names, which are used in your kingdom above the Black Sea.

Thalestris :
Yes, "little God" or Vanya for my boy, and "little tornado" or Anya, for my daughter !

Antiope and Penthesilea are smiling at the Queen.

Antiope :
They are very good choices, my Queen !

Penthesilea :
Yes ! And both of them seem to like their name. Anya ! Anya ! Vanya !Vanya !
Loook, look ! They stopped crying !
See that, they are smiling at you my Queen !

Thalestris :
Go to the balcony, Antiope, and announce to everybody everything went well. And tell the names of my babies !

Antiope is walking to the balcony, and is announcing the crowd assembled :
Our great Queen gave happily birth to beautiful twins ! Yes, twins !
The girl is called Anya ! And the boy is called Vanya !

The crowd is answering joyfully :
Long life to our Queen, Thalestris ! And long life to Anya and Vanya !
Hooray ! Hooray ! Hooray !

Scene IV : The beginning of bimestrial Spring festival with Gagarians 

Phoebe and Spadines, Ella and Autolycus, Antioche and Deileon, and also other couples were forming in the dark, at night.
And this carry-on, called the Spring Festival, lasted for two months.

Phoebe :
My name is Phoebe. What's yours, strong beard guy ?

Spadines :
My name is Spadines. But you can call me "Spad" if you prefer !

Phoebe :
All right, Spad. We don't see anything in this dark night. Can you help me taking off my dress ?

Spadines :
It's true those bushes are sheltering us well, but I can't see well either.
Oh that's it. It must be your right arm here. Ah, this is your right leg.

Phoebe :
You can look after my right arm and leg, but pull out my dress first.

Spadines :
All right, Madam the Amazon ! Here it is. I took all out at the same time.

Phoebe :
Come nearer to me my "great cat". I'll make you deliciously mew.

While Spadines was mewing with hot Phoebe, they could hear another couple having some trouble. And it made them laughing.

Autolycus :
What is this bush made of, cactus ?

Ella :
No, there is no cactus here. Oh sorry, it's my sword. I'll take it off.

Autolycus :
Ah, that's better. Let me see your face. Wow, you are beautiful, really beautiful !

Ella :
By the way, how are you called ?

Autolycus :
I am Autolycus. I am the one to make Phrygian caps for your troops.

Ella :
Me, I'm Ella. Oh, you are wearing also a Phrygian cap.

Autolycus :
Yes, as you know, we are allowed to wear it during those two months of Spring, for the mating with you, the Amazons.

Ella :
I know about the rules of the Love Season.  But stop talking, and look after my body. Be my man, now !

Autolycus :
Hmmpf ! You are very quick my Amazon. Your desires are orders.

Not so far from them, was lying a third couple, Antioche and Deileon.

Antioche :
You told me your name is Deileon. It sounds a bit funny.

Deileon :
And you, what's your name, cheeky Amazon ?

Antioche :
I'm called Antioche. But I am not cheeky, my "big lion".

Deileon :
Well, the "big lion" is going to put you naked. Right ?

Antioche :
Instead of talking, do it now.

Deileon obeys and she is totally naked.

Deileon :
It's a bit a pity I cant' see much because of the weak Moon. But if you are the girl I saw eating dear for lunch and who made me a wink, I'm quite happy.

Antioche :
It's me my "big lion". So you can enjoy yourself !
Show me now how much you are happy to have me with you !

Deileon :
I'll make you pregnant, my cheeky Amazon ! He, He !

Antioche :
I am here exactly for that Deileon. This Spring Festival has been established following a compact between your finally submitted tribe and our Queen Otrere, a very long time ago.

Deileon :
I know. We the Gagarians, are not anymore free Scythes. We are serving you since that immemorial time.

Antioche :
Don't be too serious my "big lion". And think about me waiting for your assaults. You are allowed tonight. Make me a baby !

Deileon :
Great ! My cheeky "lioness". I'll make you one or even two !

Scene V : Thalestris and God Ares will
Four years passed already.
One day Magog the Goth, Thalestris' chamberlain, and Andromache, a young Amazon in charge, are bringing back Vanya and his sister Anya to Thalestris : there was an extraordinary event which took place in the Akmonian "holly wood", near the river Terme (Thermodon).

Thalestris is  in presence of Phoebe and Myrto.

Magog the Goth to Queen Thalestris :
We are back safely my Queen, with Anya and Vanya.

Thalestris :
Why do you say safely, and why is there such a joy in my capital ? The public clamor we can hear from here, is calling my little Vanya a hero ! What happened in the Akmonian "holly wood" of God Ares ?

Magog :
Well, Andromache and me let your children alone for just a short time, playing together on the grass in the wood.
We were looking for the mushrooms you like so much. And suddenly we heard Anya crying. So we ran and saw an unbelievable thing.

Andromache :
Yes, really incredible !

Thalestris :
What ? I want to know what happened ?

Magog :
Vanya was defending his twin sister against a threatening big snake, ready to bite her.
He caught its body firmly and smashed its head with a big stone.

Thalestris, Myrto and Phoebe together :
Wow ! Wow ! Wow !

Magog :
Yes, wow ! Vanya is a hero and everybody in Themiscyra consider him this way now. That's the reason of the joyful clamor in his honor. Everybody thinks he is as great as his father, Alexander, and you my Queen. And Anya is sticking to him more than ever.

Anya is effectively holding tight the hand of her beloved brother.

Phoebe :
At only four, that's marvelous !

Myrto :
Yes, incredibly great ! What a terrific son you have got, my Queen !

Thalestris, a bit red :
Come here, my lovely hero ! Come in mom's arms !

And she cuddles him.

Magog is stepping back with grace.

Phoebe :
Do you think, this is a sign of something new, a kind of message for you from the God Ares ?

Thalestris :
I think so. It probably means something has to change in the way Amazons are seeing boys and men.

Myrto :
You mean that we should treat them with more consideration and respect, after this supernatural event, my Queen ?

Thalestris watching at Magog :
Magog is the one who looked after me when I was small. He taught me weaponry and fighting. I consider him a bit like a father. And he knows I always considered brave men. Didn't I, faithful Magog ?

Magog :
Of course, my dear Queen. That's why I'll totally agree with you if you were abolishing this old custom to cripple young boys at five, and enslaved men also.

Thalestris :
This old rule came from the fear Gagarians created at the time of Queen Otrere, when they could fight fully. And since we are at peace with them, there is this compact she made with the Gagarian submitted tribe, by establishing the Spring Festival amongst other rules.

Phoebe :
But you know, men are strong by nature. During the Spring Festival, I met one who was terribly strong for a Gagarian. We drank last time a lot of rye "little water" together, and were joyous lovers.

Myrto, smiling and teasing :
I've noticed he is coming back to you every year, Phoebe, since four years.
May be, your strong lover wasn't a Gagarian, but a free Scythe of the tribe of Spadines, disguising as a Gagarian ?

Thalestris, smiling also at Phoebe :
Or King Spadines himself holding you tight, my devoted friend ! He is cheeky enough to have done that !

Phoebe, becoming reddish :
You mean that I am sleeping during the whole period of the Love Season with the King of  free Scythes, since four years ?

Thalestris :
Yes Phoebe. But don't worry, I wouldn't blame you.
I know how great can be the love with a strong man through my husband, Alexander the Great, who wasn't a Gagarian either !
It just taught me that Spadines seems to prefer mergering with us, rather than fighting us.

Myrto to Thalestris, watching at the same time Magog :
Don't you think it's time for you to announce a change to the crowd outside, at the favour of the heroic act of Vanya, Queen Thalestris ?

Thalestris :
You are right, and as I can see everybody here will agree with my decision of Queen, I am going to address my Amazons from the balcony !

Thalestris was at the balcony of the throne's room.
And silence was suddenly made.

The Queen was going to make an important proclamation :
People of Themiscyra, you know my son, Vanya, has saved my daughter, Anya, from a crual death. This deserves a reward for him who will be called "hero Vanya" from now on.
But you know very well, Vanya is a boy actually and he will become a strong man.
So I decided as your Queen, and as the descendant of God Ares who talked to all of us through this extraodinary event, to abolish from now the crippling of young boys at five, and enslaved men equalilly, in Themiscyra and all my kingdom !

The people :
Long life to Thalestris our Queen, Long life to Vanya, the little hero !

Magog behind the Queen was clapping the hands with Myrto. And Phoebe was showing to Vanya and Anya, how to do it.

Second Epilog : The rebellion of Antianiracl and her banishing to "Old Albania" (presently Azerbaïdjan)

Antianiracl, a mature Amazon, knew about the new rule of Thalestris concerning young boys of five.
But she wanted to deliberately ignore it in front of everybody on the market place at midday.

Antianiracl :
Come here young Gagarian ! You are now five and you know the old rule.

The young Gagarian, all trembling :
No, no !  I don't want you to damage my body. Pity ! Pity !

Antianiracl, pulling him violently by the hair, and shouting :
I said you to come, young slave. So you obey !

The young Gagarian, still trembling :
I swear to be always obedient. Please don't cripple me ?

Suddenly Queen Thalestris appears followed by Magog. She has been called in emergeny by her faithful Myrto and Phoebe, who are also at her sides.

Queen Thalestris :
Stop that immediately, Antianiracl ! It's an order !

Antianiracl :
I've no order to receive from the wife of Alexander the Great !

Thalestris, angry :
How do you dare talking like that to the Queen of Amazons, to your Queen, crazy Antianiracl !

Magog was behind the Queen with a javeline, and Myrto and Phoebe got their swords out to protect Thalestris amongst the crowd, just in case.

Antianiracl tried to assault the Queen, with the iron mass she was going to use against one of the boy knees. But Thalestris avoided it and violently slammed her face. Antianiracl was lying in the dust at her feet.

All the Amazons saw the attempt murder against the Queen, and knew Antianiracl was going to suffer for that.

There was a big silence.

Thalestris  to Antianiracl :
You are not anymore an Amazon, Antianiracl. I banish you from Themiscyra and my kingdom !
Magog, will transport and abandon you at the border of "old Albania".

Magog, with a firm voice :
At your orders, my Queen !

Thalestris to Antianiracl :
You wanted to cripple this young Gagarian after having killed me, didn't you ?
Well, Phoebe, take this mass and hit Antianiracl's right knee and left shoulder !

Phoebe obeyed immediately the Queen, and Antianiracl fainted under the heavy assaults.

Queen Thalestris to Myrto, her first lieutenant(e), shouting to be heard by everybody:
In the name of God Ares, my ancestor, I enforce the new interdiction of crippling young boys at five, or even men  at our service in my kingdom. Let it be known in Cyme, Myrine, Ephesus and Smyrna ! And I want also everybody to be aware of my decree further North, above the Black Sea, as far as Lykastia, Khadesia and my villages along the Don river !

                                                                                (to be followed)

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