mercredi 14 août 2013

Mars 2013 and 2023 : let's not be like "Remocons" !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

The subject is about Mars, but it could be also about the tremendously bad sight or a too subservient attitude of certain human scientists, who shouldn't be remote controlled, "Remocons" then.
The living creatures found on Mars this year, either a lizard or a rat in june, are causing a big controversy, and as usually we were served the usual theories about optical illusions.
They are refused, like in january with the flower of Mars at the bottom of Sharp Mount.
If Westerners are not able to make reliable cameras and videos, they should leave it to more skillful people. And above that, they shouldn't send those un-purchasable devices into the space and more precisely on Mars.
The cost of Curiosity mission has been enormous and the forecasted missions with human beings starting by 2023, will cost at least 6 billion dollars to begin. The NASA failed up to now to collect such an amount, when future potential astronauts are on intense training, including food training as the travel to Mars will be long and boring for the first team of four volunteers.
But why going overthere, if there is "officially" nothing ? Will our optical instruments be reliable enough at that date, and what about a poor human eyesight ? This money could be used on Earth to help human beings on something really worthwhile. Unless of course, it would highly suggest that Mars is remaining interesting, just because we are not much told the thrilling truth about it ?

The Martian area of Sharp Mount was most likely chosen among other potential sites for its similarity with an American North-Western geological area, but also to avoid meeting life. Yet strangely, even with this basic orientation which is quite self-limiting, nothing works out the expected way.
Our remote controlled robot, Curiosity is too curious.
Normally, the lack of results of this "remocon" should have reassured human beings about their supposed unicity and supremacy in the wide universe. But the robot is stubbornly seeing what it shouldn't. Again, the theory of "pareidolia" (optical illusions) given to explain that we shouldn't see what we can see on certain images, is a too easy excuse to be believed. And normally human beings, whatever they are ordinary people or specialists shouldn't be "Remocons".
If certain professionals are too much subservient to orders, ordinary people can realize it. And in that case, they should give up their biased researchs, as we don't need that at all.
Ignoring almost deliberately our universe in such a way, wouldn't go on so easily.

For the Hebrews, Jehoshuah is the fifth name of God, and he is dominating on the planet Mars.
Mars was called by them Maadim, and Jehoshuah means Jesus.
It may look surprising but a lot of things are astonishing in our universe.
And if Jesus invited himself on Mars, people should show respect for him and his will to free human beings from their self-limitations. Proclaiming to be Christian is not just a lesson to repeat, without thinking about its basic meaning.
The universe is constituted with 5% atoms, 23% of Black Matter and 72% of Black Energy.
Thus presently, human beings ignore as much as 95% of what the universe is made of and obviously how it really works ! And it's the biggest threat for human safety.

Just as an useful reminder for Darwinists, Charles Darwin (1809-1882) said precisely :
"The surviving species are neither the strongest species, nor the most intelligent, but the ones adaptating the best to change."
In the present battle known of astrophysists between our present universe in accelerated expansion and Black Energy, the sky is the limit : it might fall on our heads, in the litteral meaning, as the Gaulois (Celtic people of Gaul) were not so stupidly believing.
And this limit connected to entropia is definitely unfavourable to human beings. What will happen then has to be considered right now, because the survival of human beings is put in question quite clearly by this terrific and ignored war.
So before the catastrophe would happen, without the interference of the "Boltzmann Brains", it could be a good thing to open honestly the eyes on our environment, which is including Mars from the eve of times. Are the people brave enough for this challenge, that's the real question ? Optical Tools have certainly never been the true problem !

In reality, they're could be far more to discover about Mars than a living flower, a rat or a lizard on motion.
How to explain that the Chinese astrophysists are ready to plant cabbages overthere, when Westerners can see only desolation and a totally dead planet as a postulate?

Beside our economies on heavy decline, is our mind also on decline ?
We have to wake up quickly, and to open the eyes from now on.
May be after all, we are needing help and cooperation to rediscover our ability to be enthusiastic about life, whatever on Earth or in an unexpected way on Mars - or below its surface ?

Isn't it astonishing that nowadays the Church of Roma, is making compliance, after having admitted its faults about Galileo Galilei (1546-1642) or a certain crualty towards Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), who was burned alive for his atheism but not his beliefs about the "plurality of inhabited worlds" ? The intolerance reproached at that time to the Church is exactly what is doing modern Science with human beings, in a strangely reversed position.

At a time the NASA discovered a pink extra-solar planet (named GJ 504b), it could be a very good opportunity for most human beings, including scientists, to retake their freedom from their more or less blind masters and supervisors, at least the ones who are able to use or re-use their eyes to see clearly things.
So would most likely say, as a new message of hope, Jehoshuah, the Master of Mars, the one we call Jesus on Earth, in truth !

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