lundi 30 juin 2014

"Widower Oxygen" : how to sound out the pulse of Universe ?

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

Today, we are going to talk about an enigma, the enigma of Nature.
Nature is alive like Earth, and it is talking to us. Even people refuse to listen, or are unable to, new astonishing events are certainly going to occur.
We will try to be as clear as possible, even the subject is hard, and doesn't obey the limited Euclidian rules our engineers and scientists are taught to isolate them from the vast Universe.
This point is especially observable in Cartesian countries, other ones being more adaptable.
"Widower Oxygen" is the key to understand Earth and the wider Universe. So what does it mean ?

Usually, on our planet, one atom of Oxygen tries to connect naturally with two atoms of Hydrogen, and this makes water (H2O). That's why the most wide-spread element on Earth is water : 70% is liquid through Oceans and Seas, as if it was our planet's "blood". Equalilly, human body itself is made of 75% water. And it's alike for other mammals, and much more besides.
"Widower Oxygen" is the name of an atom which lost its associated molecule. Left alone, when in the atmosphere, it doesn't follow the previous cycle, and creates for instance another expanding element : Ozone ! This happens under the influence of Sun radiations which are ionising Earth atmosphere, and leads to the creation of the O3 formula, ozone then and its famous layer.
In other words, this stressed atom is following a different logic by connecting with its own, i.e. two other atoms of Oxygen. Through the enormous development of "convection rains", it can be ionised and stay in the high atmosphere, instead of falling on the ground as water. Or even it is falling on the ground, it doesn't really penetrate it automatically, because of a funny differential of temperature.
Just to give a figure, 333,000 km3 of water vapor are rising from the Oceans every year !

If you take on account the "Counter-Theory" of Involution about human beings, not popularized yet, it is easy to understand that modern man and woman, are losing the abilities of the previous generation (s). The brain of a modern human being is reduced by 15% or 20%, when just compared to Cro-Magnon man, and this involution is continuing silently.
Behind great words, our societies are far more violent and destructive of Nature than the previous ones, and this on a massive scale.
And this movement is in reality encouraged by cowardice, and the growing importance given to self interest and competition - even in the most stupid situations. Inescapably, modern human beings' aim to be able to behave like robots towards fake "Annunakis", while feeling nothing except programmed emotions, is becoming a reality : the new reality of an every day absurd life, for which the latters will have to pay the harsh price, at the end coming soon.
It's sad and deeply ridiculous, but it's a fact. The bionic or transhuman creatures might be more human than humans, which is a strong paradox.
Does this lead to more efficiency and power on human side ? The answer is clearly NO, because of the reversal on march !

More and more entangled situations are created by human beings about climate, the destruction of Nature, and a crawling but growing poverty worldwide. And present human beings have from a long time solutions about them... that they absolutely not want to use, as everybody would benefit from them.
Just replanting trees for instance is easy, to put an end to the foolish and harmful deforestation of Amazonia in Brasil, the "ill lung" of our planet ! It makes years now, an abnormally low magnetic field is measured in Brasil (and South America), which is even a reversed one !
The obvious solution of replanting trees can also be applied in other countries, like ...France equalilly where tempests produced by more and more frequent convection rains are causing big floods just because no bush is stopping anymore the water. This water seems having also a remarkable difficulty to be absorbed by the ground, due to the volume it represents, but equalilly to the unusual behaviour of "widower oxygen" again. As the hot goes to the cold, if the ground is too hot, something doesn't work anymore.

At a time convection rains can provoke frequent gale tempests anywhere, it could be also a time for France to recognize the existence of "asperatus" : it is not just a kind of "altocumulus", but a new cloud in itself, a "supercloud" in fact. If etymologically "asperatus" means "brutal" in Latin, it is to explain why this cloud can worsen meteo forecasts oversuddenly ! Thus, it could be a good help for our meteorologists to align at last themselves on Greenwich ones (UK) for weather forecasts improving.
Just observe Jupiter's gigantic clouds or Venus' whirlpool tempests and you will understand that something has definitively changed in our surrounding universe.

The Conference of Le Bourget (near Paris, France), which will be held next year by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), will certainly be a high place for Green Capitalism, behind the usual "bla bla bla". But it's true Climate policies can help World GDP's growth of $ 2,600 billion by 2030 (2.2% a year), with the necessary technological and financial investments. And the next official talks will probably just aim at creating a new tax and debatable constraints for people, to enforce the "Carbon print" ideology.
It would thus create a huge surprise, if the topic of "Widower Oxygen" was unexpectedly approached.

Yet, "Widower Oxygen" is talking to us, but nobody seems to listen. It's a bit like for God, the Creator of Nature.
The pulse of Universe is beating strongly, and no human being can stop it. But at least, we can make effort to sound out its spiral or whirlpool movement, and try to understand that Nature is now unlocked. The untameable Nature is the boss, and no human being can take control of its vortex process !

Nobody will possibly use the old "Repulsator" of the Austrian Viktor Schauberger (1885 - 1958), to recreate the full hydraulic cycle or clean easily polluted waters. And the critical point of 4°C will probably remain ignored. His work on the implosive characteristics of Nature is dating back to 1933, when he published : "Our foolish and stupid work - the origin of the world crisis".
Anyway, nobody is officially able to understand how his invention - using water (H2O) -, is working now, in order to recycle quite easily CO2.

The time of good will, or more often bad will of human beings towards Nature is over.
The decision is not anymore theirs now, whatever they can be or not "pseudo-ecologists" working for "Green Capitalism" and its "permits to pollute" (Carbon credits).
And the print of the "Widower Oxygen" will last far more than the misleading "Carbon print" !
As an epilog, if anyone is seeing a cap or a tee-shirt carrying the symbol of a wriggling trout (Schauberger's symbol for the principle of antigravitation he discovered), it doesn't automatically mean he is just in front of a sunday fisherman !

With a debatable ban of plastic bags in French hypermarkets and big box stores by January 1st, 2016, one can wander if France particularly doesn't ambition to become a second Kingdom of Bhutan, without saying it ?
In truth I tell you, there is a godly mantra to provoke a return to the State of Nature for Earth. And you probably know already half of it : the famous primal word OM, that people are using in yoga or meditation for its big power.
The missing part is "K-ASH", and the full mantra is then : "K-ASH-OM" !...
....not to pronounce or to repeat if you are not ready, oups !

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