mardi 15 juillet 2014

"Supernature" against human science : the curious disappearing of the VIIth continent !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

While Earthians are lost in their ordinary trend to provoke stupid quarrels (teasing a bear is ridiculously harmful), and the never seen type of wars they affectionate in August, a very strange thing is happening. And it has nothing to do with the nightmare and fake problem of their hormons' level, which is not the cup of tea of the vast universe. Above that their navel is not concerned at all, whatever they can be males or females.
No, our Earth is changing at a never seen speed, and they don't care about their own survival ! So many Mr. and Mrs.Vain don't realize curious happenings surrounding them.
The best example is the strange disappearing of plastic bags in the oceans and seas of the globe, what is nicknamed "the VIIth continent", even it's not concentrated in only one place .
That's why we want to approach the unusual topic of "Supernature" rising triumphantly above human science, like with the pre-Buddhist "K-Ash-Om" mantra of the original Terra ("Luminia") - in the mirror of an Antediluvian past.

The area covered by those plastic bags is diminishing dramatically in oceans and seas, and without the intervention of human beings. According to "", only between 7000 and 35 000 tons of plastic waste are still present all over the world, when we should find globally several million tons. And no scientist understands why ?
Still more strangely, the present pollution is below the one of the Seventies, plastic waste reaching at that time 45 000 tons.
How come Earth could get rid of 99% of its heavy pollution by itself ?
Everybody was asserting that plastic is not biodegradable before 4000 years : it became even an ecologist credo !
Is the Nature more skillled, even doing it silently ? And why that now ?
Which surprises is reserving human beings the "washing machine" of Nature, functioning right now against dirt and polllution ?
As they are salty, oceans and seas have of course some decay properties. But they are usually considered as unsufficient to provoke the disappearing of massive amounts of plastic bags in such a rather short time, when heavy pollution is continuing simultaneously !

In despair of cause, it has been funnily suggested that all the fishes of the planet, like "frenzies", might swallow all those plastic bags. But who has ever seen a sardine so big as a whale - a disappearing specie by the way ? Above that, schools of fish are disappearing all over the world, due to overfishing.
Hence, the truth could be even more shocking if it started just recently and over suddenly, after a signal or due to another mysterious cause.
At that point it must be quoted decay properties are normally the highest in a new element discovered in 1998 by Russia : the element 114, called "Ununquadium" first and then "Flerovium", after the name of the Flerov laboratory of Dubna. America followed Russia in this discovery in 1999.
The volatility of such an element is tremendous, and it has antigravitational properties.
This mysterious metal is secretly considered by enlightened scientists as the material which flying saucers are made of , or to be more down-to-earth, the "Skal" of Russian Army (a "flying saucer version" of the Mig 35 superfighter) !
Normally, they should be wrong as Flerovium doesn't exist naturally on Earth : even "Zetas" would quote it. Nevertheless, the latters would also admit easily that the performances of the Russian "Skal" are  exceptional : a pure "ball of fire" in flight and yet no discernible bangs !

To by-pass the real headache created by the mysterious disappearing of plastic bags in the oceans and seas, scientists have even invented the notion of "biodegradibility in fine particles" now.
This totally contradicts the previous assertion that they were not biodegradable, and shows at the same time the extreme "plasticity" of human science when no explanation has been found !

Anyhow, it would have been really surprising that human made plastic couldn't be biodegradable by Nature, or "Supernature" should we say. Normally, nothing made by human beings can be everlasting, due to a still very young modern technology : a "baby technology" certainly compared to what might exist elsewhere in the vast universe.

See the total absence of results of all our satellites to find back the Boeing 777 of the Malaysian Airways flight MH 370 which never reached Beijing, since last March ! And you will realize that human technology - except of course the extraordinary anti-gravitational invention mentioned well above -, is not what people are exaggeratedly expecting from present high tech !

Thus, we will dare a never asked and bold question: are our oceans and seas in contact almost  every day with Flerovium then ? And in what circumstances ? Are there some unusual divings, and the equivalent as gushes outside the water for instance, all over the world ?

Must we write the "counter-flow Dzeta" of Nature we talked about several years ago, "counter-flow D-Zeta" in fact to be more accurate  ? Whatever the writing, it has certainly a rebalancing effect on polluted and dying Earth...and this sufficiently enough to recreate a new Terra at the very moment we are making this article. And our Earth will then rebecome the brilliant "Blue Star" of the vast Universe !

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