lundi 8 décembre 2014

Just science fiction III : "Cosmocracy" and... "Comet K..." !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

Here is an enticing following of our two previous generic articles : "Just science fiction : could July 4th, 2016, be the festival of "Kissey Cheeks" ?" and "Just science fiction II : from Atlantis and its mysterious "Mash Mak" to Agarthi's coming !"
We hope this way to see science fiction, in an "immediate instant of fantastic realism", will give "Crystal" hints to the readers' mind.
Just take it as a masterpiece of imagination and relax anyway !


As a galactic war of 27 years long probably already started, due to a very ridiculous medium country, it could be useful to know some details. Let's say the aim is now the establishment of  "Cosmocracy" on Earth.
in this respect "Comet K..." is not the name of a new comet, approaching swiftly Earth from the Sky !
May be the words are anyhow coming from something like that.
But, the origin of those words is staying secret. They seem to have been initiated first in Vatican in High Middle Age.
Sometimes, you can find also the form "Gomet K...". Anyhow, we don't give the full writing as it may be too powerful.

Only one thing is known about those two higly secret words : they are able to modify the usual sight of a human being, and then his perception of the environment on a higher frequency, in order to see Aerial Spirits... the name of ETs at that time. Of course, for that they must logically happen to pass by !
Aerial Spirits, at least at the beginning hadn't the meaning of devils then, in a highly religious time.
In fact, Vatican has been seriously interested in ETs from a very long time, in spite of what a lot of people may ignore.

The power of "Comet K..." is based upon the soundwaves (vibrations) - what Saint John was calling "the Verb" in his famous and rather misunderstood Gospel (Saint John, I-1). He was mainly talking about the final establishment of the divine "Cosmocracy" on Earth, even people didn't understand much about what he wrote !
When repeated at least seven times - but often more -, "Comet K." seems to establish a new syntonisation, like a mantra : our mind is changing of level, and some people can see what they couldn't before - but only the ones who are able to elevate their own spirit and welcome a wider reality ! For others, access will desperately remain denied !

As an epilog, in case the communication could really be established, behave yourself.
Don't be aggressive and don't even try to be domineering, as it could provoke a bad or even a very bad reaction : you don't want to be "azimuthed" ?
You  don't want to live the same misadventure 40 US soldiers experienced in S4 (Groomlake Basis in Nevada, USA), after a serious mishap ? Don't you ?

As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to come back to our dimension, when you have been sent in the one of the great Void !
So avoid too a competitive display, by playing the human secular game of "who wins... loses in an un-glorious blaze !"  They will despise you or mock at you. And you will feel it clearly : it is this type of primitive arrogance they dislike the most in human creatures !
Just be nice and natural, that's all ! If you can't, forget about our topic !

ETs don't believe in Darwin (1809 - 1882), as they know how human beings were truly created - and for good reason -, without any law of evolution !
On this point, like for the usually good appreciation of Jesus' words also, the traditional conceptions of  the Catholic Church are right. Strangely, the Church reached roughly the same conclusions as the Russian SMERSH (1943), which made the first "catalog" of ETs.
But ETs are quite aware of the irrepressible need of rationalized superstition of human beings, to combat their usual inner fears.

You can say for instance the following respectful words : "Maya, Affaby, Zien" ! They have showed they liked it in the past, at the time of the "burning Bush". Never forget, they themselves believe in a Supreme God, who they really respect and revere as for them.
Then speak normally and politely during the exchange : usually they will answer by telepathy (a bit like Atlant way), but you will resent it as real words. Don't be too long at the beginning, and finally say bye bye with "Arpheton" or "Zedereza" !

If you are a woman be elegant, as they like what is nice to watch.
In the opposite case, they may refuse the connection as they prefer beauty.
And if you are a man, be smart, and not the way we usually imagine a "pre-hominian" ! You are not stronger than them anyway, whatever they are smaller or taller - depending on their various origins .
In case of a crossed encounter, female/male or male/female, you can kiss their cheeks, they seem to appreciate this human friendly way.
With them, in most cases, Affection is astonishingly remaining the most surprising key !
To finish off, Acta est fabula ad majorem Dei gloriam !

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