vendredi 5 mai 2017

Just science-fiction XIX : the strange world of "Ama-o-Ama", Pleiadian way !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

In this new scenario of science-fiction, we are going to interrogate particularly the Fifth Dimension, Pleiadian way.
The blow-by-blow account of this tale for fun is, as usually, totally fictional of course.
We hope you will like entering in the strange universe of doubt.


Let's be direct : if you want to enter the Fifth Dimension, you just need to repeat enough times a mantra, "Ama-o-Ama".
When you are in this new dimension, it can be too fast. You feel at the beginning everything is similar, and then similarly similar. But very quickly, you realize it's not the case : over suddenly, usually in matter of half a second, everything is different and unknown. And even simple things are disturbing to handle.

In the world of "Ama-o-Ama", your Earth has become an "Anti-Earth", which means a lot of things are incredibly operating in a reverse way, but not only. Your mind is here and overthere at the same time, and this is very confusing. Obvious things or behaviours are abruptly becoming completely illogical and weird. Nobody seems to listen to you or to understand you.

You try to think you are dreaming, or that it's a nightmare. You pinch yourself, but it hurts. You are clearly in the Fifth Dimension. And you don't know what to do.
"Ama-o-Ama" is the world of all possibles, which are...simultaneously possible.
So if you can keep cool, you realize it can help you to succeed where you usually fail.

In "Ama-o-Ama", nothing is binary. The binary language "0 - 1" doesn't operate. A thing can be true or wrong, but also true and wrong at the same time, or even both not true and not wrong, which can be extremely puzzling for the mind.
At the beginning, you would hope most likely to know which mantra can help you to get out.
As we are helpful, the suitable mantra is "IAXOT".

"Ama-o-Ama" is a different world from the one of "Alice in Wonderland", which is still operating on a binary way. As a matter of fact, the Fifth Dimension is working on a "quaternary mode", so not just a reverse one.

You may think "Ama-o-Ama" is very far from you in the normal life, when you have to decide, but it's not true at all.
Just a distance of 1 millimeter is separating you from this supplementary dimension.

If you want to make a joke to people who like to joke about you and to make your life absurd, "Ama-o-Ama" is the best to puzzle them, dive them in full absurdity and make them lost.

Oh, by the way, if "IAXOT" didn't work in some cases to get out, try the opposite word or a different stacked combination ! It may help !

Pfew ! You did it and could escape finally from "Ama-o-Ama" !
What did you think about this game, Pleiadians like to play with so much ?

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