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Two names for the same character : ante-Christ (before being Christ), there was once an allmighty child !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph.D

In our Revelations review, we are going to unveil today one of the biggest mystery of The New Testament.
A lot of people completely misunderstood certain writings, just because they have put away the explanations coming with.
When people study about Christianism, they intend to follow like sheeps what they are taught without daring to think by themselves. And yet Jesus asked them to always do opposite.
That's why they are terribly confused about his true personality and character, which were rather complex. He looked more like what we would call nowadays an "indigo" child.
For that reason, even it is known from a long time through The papers Apocrypha ("secret writings" by Greek etymology, and not wrong writings as it is now strangely taken), around 99,9% of Christians worldwide totally ignore his psychology.

The huge controversy introduced several years ago with "Da Vinci Code" (Doubleday, 2003) by Dan Brown, about his wife Maria-Magdalena [the beautiful perfumer and hairdresser, as we added it in a previous article], lead even certain theologists to ignore the Gospel of Saint John. This one is effectively quoting Jesus was a married man, and not a single man at all.
And the issue is not to take things differently from Protestant to Catholic side, because it is quoted in the same text basically (St John, III, 29). Above that the Gospel of Saint John is in "the big four" recognized by the Church of Roma, with the ones of St Luke, St Mark and St Matthew.
But, the couple life of Jesus, and his descendance, are not our points for today, even he was quite a man of taste.

Often children attending catechism, wander what the same Jesus was doing at their age, or before.
And the answer of the priest when asked is either confused, or marked by non sense : "he was certainly an ordinary child like his comrades", that's the most common answer given to get rid of the question !
In truth, he has never been an ordinary child "before becoming Christ" (precise translation of the compound word "ante-Christ").
By opposing traditionally those two qualificatives people are completely lost when comes the time to understand what really happened. And that's quite a pity !

In fact, as a child he was quite frightening with his superpowers for certain people of his surroundings. And he looked certainly as impressive as Superman in Smallville (Kansas), with the difference that he was known under his real name, and not hiding as a "Clark Kent". This comics about a new savior coming from the space was created in 1932 by the American Jerry Siegel and the Canadian Joe Shuster.
Coming back to Jesus, he never balanced to use his powers when he was angry or bullied, by petrifying or drying out amongst various possibilities the ones he saw as a threat [if we follow the "Infancy Gospel of  Thomas" probably dating to the IInd century AD, like most Gospels ].

Jesus never hesitated to act or react according to what the situation was calling for, even he appeared a lot to come from the Sky.
But he was often puzzling people, a bit like the prince of Krypton, "Kal-El" (the real name of Superman). Some authors even made Jesus a prince coming from the far Orion, the strange constellation which influenced so much the building of Egyptian pyramids, and continues to have impact on Africa : this continent according to some relatively censored geological surveys seems presently to split in two, before Europe.
Coming back to Ieoushoua or Yeshoua himself  (Jesus or "the one God is listening" in an alternative translation), he was able to walk on the water, to play with fire or even to fly at the end, with his "Ascension". And he started also as a young boy to cure and ressucitate people, like the one who cut his foot with an axe by mistake instead of cutting wood.

The youth of Jesus ante-Christ is hidden because at the beginning he was sending more fast maledictions than benedictions. And he was not forgiving much actually. He didn't want to be annoyed.
He was playing to make real flying birds with clay, and he disliked strongly being critized when doing something, particularly on saturdays.
He was extremely clever but at the same time oversensitive. So it was not recommanded to hit his head as one teacher who was then petrified did, or to push him badly as another child dared to do without thinking, just before being dried out. Anyone could lose a sense by telling lies about him. And some were even affected by a sudden very bad luck by just playing the informers. And only him could lift the penalty.

However, he started to do it when people began to learn being more respectful, considerate and polite with him, and obviously when he felt he wasn't anymore treated as an outcast. Once accepted, he accepted more easily other people, by trying to help them even.
Sometimes, he was telling his father not to say bullshits in front of God he was representing on Earth.
In reality, only his mother Maria the Virgin, and his half-brothers (coming from the first marriage of Joseph the widower) understood him well, especially James and Jude.

Nevertheless, Joseph who recognized the great cleverness of his son, wanted him to go to school to learn Greek and Hebrew. As a matter of fact, Jesus was a native Aramaic speaker of the previous hellenistic province of Judea.
It was quite difficult to find a master, as they were all afraid of his knowledge and what he was saying. But finally, Jesus found one for a time. There is even a funny quotation about alpha and beta (not omega) from him : "Teach me the Alpha, and I'll teach you the beta". And he could learn also about Alexander the Great's dream of universal brotherhood, whom he started to admire. The fact he chose to leave Earth at 33, has certainly got something to do with his glorious and extremely impressive model.

As Alexander the Great was a bit similar to him in his mind (a "son of God" also), he wanted to know more about this great invincible character from a different religion. It's not just by chance, some priests are quoting nowadays the generosity of this great king, to illustrate a passage of St Luke for instance. Alexander's passion was recalling Jesus his own inner impatience about human beings, so slow to understand great truths and real wiseness, like his teacher of Greek who dared inconveniently to hit his head.

So it is not at all a coincidence if a lot of parts of the New Testament after him were written in Greek, even Jesus Christ was officially a descendant of King David both by Maria and Joseph. People remember the crown of thorns put on his head, and the inscription INRI (Iesus Nazarethus Rex Judeorum), when he was on the cross.
Associated later to the fish in Greek, he happened to be equalilly connected to the snake in his youth, as he "exploded" one after he instantly cured and saved a man who had just been biten.

The great key to understand Jesus as a boy not yet Christ, and then as an adult when he was twice ointed with very expensive oils (the nard and the myrhh) by Maria-Magdalena, and became then "Christ" (from the Greek "Christos"), is "reciprocity". Outcasters for instance are clearly outcasted from his Father's kingdom of Heaven, including those who want inconveniently others being had. This can have a great importance presently, because for the first time in 670,000 years, Orion and Earth are already on the way to be correctly aligned by december 21st 2012 !

Jesus is very famous for having used from his childhood the word "Khoum", which meant "Stand up and walk" to ressucitate dead people or to cure disabled persons. And every time he added "Remember me !" But when he was playing alone on saturdays in his youth, he liked watching at the Sun to congeal it for a moment, by repeating a mysterious sentence starting with "Bahanda Hel..." !
This could be useful nowadays for life sake in case of strong Sunspot, which can propagate on Earth by half an hour only, an hazardous hurricane of harmful protons !

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