jeudi 18 octobre 2012

The tale of "Teethyland" : between vain challenges and absurd collapse !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

Imagine you are living in an imaginary western country we would call "Teethyland" because of its long teeth scratching the floor.
Like a vampire, this country is pumping the blood of its people. It sucks you till your skin is dried out. Again, it wants your mind because it is what it lacks the most.
Officialy it denies you, but in reality it secretly envies you so much that it tries to imitate you to slip into your skin.
You may unexpectedly think you are fed up to the back teeth and that won't do !
But it's not necessary to do anything about it usually. As a matter of fact, Teethyland's people are accustomed to produce quick counter-measures to their own measures.
Challenging others uselessly is just a common game as children do. They need so much recreational occupations to forget temporarily their daily disturbances ! The natural world doesn't suit them, because it's not always depending on binary competition (1-0 or 0-1), but on free clever cooperation. And this is both puzzling and confusing them, as they feel insidious and vain envy.

During the siege of Tyr (332 BC), the inhabitants of this challenging town had a similar attitude with Alexander the Great (356-323 BC), defying him day after day. They also used a symbolic cord. They wanted to show him they were spitting on his feet with absolutely no respect. Tyr was really getting on his nerves and he felt oppressed and personally insulted. But suddenly, after "seven months", with the strange help of "silvered shields" from the sky according to Arrian (they were radiating powerful "blue beams", and nobody knows exactly what they were), Alexander demolished at once the deep walls of the foolish town. And he entered the city with his full army : everybody was over suddenly frightened, as it was unexpected and totally impossible normally. And this time they were quite right to be, because he was very angry. We know what happened then : it is the only recorded case in his conquest he decided not to give grace to the defeated ones. He wasn't benevolent this time.
Even when he set the fire to Persepolis in Persia to revenge Athens' plunder by Xerxes more than one century before, he just destroyed buildings (331 BC).

In Teethyland, people usually showed a goody-goody face (except some days of bulldogs' face) to promote "universal peace" on Earth. Obviously they meant "their peace", once they would have eliminated in the dark full of people.
Indeed, their secret dream was actually to spread war for their own purposes, under hypocrit messages.
The reason was they were no good at an open war : they usually lost quickly and surrendered, ...or left.
That's why they intended to use bigger powers as puppets, trying to scatter war and conflicts, by discretely spreading heavy and sneaky discord amongst them. For this aim, so-called humanitarian causes were a terrific vector, when melted with confusion. Vested in the suit of "saviours", they were able to go anywhere to have their say and interactions. Then they could speak loudly to any tribune, and be heard till the Moon. And the Moon heard them, freeing anew the Sumerian universe of Gesh (the great reversed cone, in fact a "great Canine" if you pay attention at the shape) and Nyarlathotep from Syria. So the "liberation" of Syria which is called for, could be already his triumph, more than the one of the population who might just change the hard master in the end : just watch at the sad and cynical example of Libya !

But in truth, Teethyland is kneeling in front of promoters and God Mammon, who in return despises and crushes it.
Very strangely people sometimes provoke good outcomes they didn't want, because they are taken seriously, in an often unexpected way.
The double face strategy of Janus God often get them into a big muddle.
And at this stage, watching them at a distance can be quite a great fun. You learn a lot on the bad sides of "Virtuous Canines" as nicknamed - because it's what you see first and ever - ; and you  automatically question less the theory of species Evolution rewritten by Charles Darwin (1809-1882), after the "Zoonomia" of his grandfather Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802). The reptilian brain stays quite dominant in last resort, in front of the limbic one and the neocortex.
Erasmus Darwin, a physician and inventor, inspired a lot a famous writer, Mary Shelley (1797-1851), who wrote the novel untitled "Frankenstein" in 1816 after his works on galvanism.
In ex-Teethyland, it was necessary to look domineering, dull, and uncultured enough to be accepted and succeed in life, if not for the company. The drawback was that students "with long teeth" taught this way, often wanted to overthrow father and mother, or even uncle or aunt, to get more quickly their position !

Presently, a war like the potential one in the Straight of Ormuz (between Israel and Iran) is not really replaced by the messianic "liberation" of Syria, or a potential financial war between Anglo-Saxons (New-York and London), following the Libor banking manipulation in the UK. But this may just accelerate the process of an irremediable decline and collapse of Teethyland, as a competitor and partner - self regulation being an heresy in such time for economics and finance.

When a country like ex-Teethyland walks constantly on the head, it's normal to wander what to do with the feet. By having let financial confusion settling as a posture, the country completely lost its landmarks and guidance. It appears unavoidably as preposterous, nothing being reliable. And it wouldn't benefit from this entertained confusion, which is causing its actual sinking !

May be after an epilog to this absurdity leading to abyssal losses and the threat of a clear GDP's contraction, it could have been replaced by "Gratiousland" or "Fairland".
As a matter of fact it would have given a breathe, and only God knows how much it really needed a good one, even it would appear quite unusual.
But no, its new name is "Needyland".

The end of Teethyland toll the knell of a system which gave little to obtain still less. And the advent of "Needyland" announces a total "Renovation of the century". The year 2012 would in that way lead nilling willing to new unknown beginnings, after Teethyland's sinking into its own irreality and delusion.
An Italian saying is quoting : "Rosso di sera, bel tempo di spera" (Pink clouds on the evening, good weather expected) !

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