lundi 16 décembre 2013

Really saving Yuliya Tymoshenko IV : "and the name of the star is Wormwood" (Rev. 8:11) !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

The grace of Yuliya Tymoshenko (born in 1960), has been rejected by the Ukrainian Parliament on November 21st, 2013, at the same time as the free trade agreement with European Union.
We are worried for her, and we would like to encourage her to still combat for her release.
Extraordinarily yet, she has got still a terrific energy to display, as recent events are showing.
Hey, Yuliya go on !  Go on true Amazon Princess with beautiful golden plaits !
And show them all that the radiating soul of free Ukraine is alive and powerful !
Bravo for this terrific inner energy you have got, even fragilized by the Ukrainian bad jail of Kharkiv !
From your bed of the Miners Kharkiv hospital where you are since last year, your flame is inextinguishible !

You were the spirit of the Orange Revolution of 2004, and you are still the one who can give a decisive orientation to the present one, which started just after the rejection of the free Association Agreement with EU.
When you entered jail in 2011, some pseudo-feminists celebrated your bad time on the roofs of Kiev. They are not the ones who represent the inheritage of Minithya (previously called Thalestris), the last Queen of Amazons. But, you are !
Thalestris' husband after the thirteen days and nights Lunar rite he followed with her (331 BC), was Alexander the Great (356 - 323 BC). By a funny coincidence, your husband's name is Oleksandr (Alexander in Ukrainian language).

Strangely, on November 21st, 2013, at 3.50 A.M (local hour), a meteorit passed unexpectedly above Simferopol, in Ukraine.  The extraordinary and sudden enlightment provoked fear and a serial of accidents on the motorway.
In the Antiquity, comets and meteorits were always connected with striking events, like plague, war, civil war or revolution.
And it's exactly what happened in Ukraine, with a restart of the Orange Revolution.
And Ukrainian opponents to the dictatorship are quite determined about it, and remarkably organized.
Above that, bad weather and cold air are not at all stopping anybody. Them, they are not fighting against Ecotax, but for Democracy and Freedom. And they dare to do it, because they are not blind.
It's not known if they give teachings and provide full training courses ?!

Equalilly, their Amazons are real ones, which doesn't exclude the fact they can be quite attractive and feminine. So, again, there is nothing to do with what can be observed elsewhere.
Actually, the words of beautiful Yuliya Tymoshenko, the soul of the Revolution - again -, have got a print of religion, and are resounding like a warning of Saint John for Viktor Ianoukovych (born in 1950), the present President.
The star which is called "Wormwood" (Artemisia Absinthium), in the Revelation (8:11), or "Chernobyl" (Black+White) in the Ukrainian  missals could be right at work.

Brave Yuliya Tymoshenko is certainly out of the ordinary : she could be an unearthly messenger. Like Artemisia, the Moon Goddess, her star sign is also symbolized by an archer, as she is Sagittarius !
In several works we published in a recent past, we recalled that Amazons really existed, the legend being stressed by the great Roman historian Quintus Curtius for the sake of Alexander the Great and Thalestris' descendance in Gaul (presently France). This successful Roman Proconsul of Africa in the first century AD, knew very well the story of his own family, and especially about the adopted "Janus Curtius".
And one part of Thalestris' Kingdom was precisely Ukraine !

This big revolt against Viktor Ianoukovych's power is needing Yuliya Tymoshenko. Maidan square in Kiev with its 300 000 protesters on last sunday, was full of her image !
Only her, and her party, Batkivchtchina ("the Patry"), can federate the opposition with Oudar ("the Punch"), and Svoboda ("Liberty"), through her representative, Arseni Iatseniouk (born in 1974). The leader of Oudar, the very tall ex-boxer Vitali Klitschko (born in 1970), hasn't got her charisma, but he is ambitious and wants to win presidential elections in 2015.
Yet, she can cause more worry to the President than him, even she is far smaller !

The problem for Ukraine is not only the grace of ex-Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoschenko, which Viktor Ianoukovych is refusing to grant in rememberance of 2004, behind a funny ballet in the Parliament.
It is also the question of its economic survival, since its GDP dropped of 30% - being back to the level of 1998. The entanglement is coming from the fact that around 70% of Activity in Ukraine is clearly depending on powerful Russia.
So the funny negociations of President Ianoukovych with EU, which brought the expected financial help from 21 billion Euros to 20 billion, and finally to O, are putting Ukraine in an unbearable financial situation.
In fact, the country is on the verge of the ruin, and a quite obvious bankruptcy !

So even the restart of Orange Revolution - against the same character actually -, would lead nowhere, the country is already at a terrible stalemate.
Then, the result of this chess game between EU - and America in behind - on one side, and Russia on the other side is draw, and not at all a check mate !
The "Eurasian project" of the XXIst century, will most likely be the one of Russia with its "Eurasian Alliance".
However, it won't be easy for Russia to provide and announce the same amount of financial help by tomorrow when Viktor Ianoukovych will meet in Moscow Vladimir Putin (born in 1952), as it would represent seven times its spatial budget ($ 3.8 billion) !

Only a combination of several measures would be equivalent, amongst which a possible abandon of a part of the Ukrainian Debt, a contingent rise of Ukrainian royalties for gas transit, and a lowering of gas price for the Ukrainian domestic consumption.
But with an always suprising Russia, you never know : if we were in the country of Nod it may just add a financial help of $ 15 billion, and make an unexpected gesture to stimulate the grace of  Yuliya Tymoshenko !

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