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ETs don't believe in UFO : Ts are the big fun of Universe !

by Jean-Jacques COURTEY, Doctor in Economic Geography, Ph. D

This article is aiming at being a funny ticket to relax Earth atmosphere, which is always so heavy - too heavy !
Humor can be a good remedy in any sort of concerns.
ETs are not believing in UFO (NLO in Russian), because for them those Flying Objects are clearly identified, including the ones diving into the deep water.
In fact what they prefer, is having the great shudder in one of the two main islands of New Zembla (Russian Arctic). With its icy cold weather, it looks like a world that could have been imagined by H. P. Lovecraft (1890 - 1937).
In this not terribly festive place, they can feel that the Elders are now back on Earth.
Who would ever think the takeoff of New Zembla can reshape our world ?
Anyhow, New Zembla is appearing so far and yet so near to the brilliant Paris, for instance.
To be clear, ETs means "Extra-Terrestrials" whether they are watching (or not) the sky or below the oceans beside us, and Ts stands for Terrestrials : most of them really need strong glasses !

What's often puzzling but sometimes funny to observe is that human beings create constantly problems after problems, because they are unable to do opposite. They just wander why at the end, it's becoming their own most serious problem !
It can be challenged they have a wide consciousness and intelligence. As their brain is just like a dual machine, with its two hemispheres, bipolarity is very common amongst them.
And it's often very doubtful their soul could really be accessible or opened to any redemption, if you consider Earth as a purgatory of the universe. In truth I tell you !
Soon, say by around 15 or 20 years - or surprisingly less -, they will be replaced themselves by androids (transhuman robots), like it started already in Sweden, in America, in Japan or in South Korea. And half of the jobs at the minimum will be held by those robots, human beings appearing quickly of excess ! Oups !
It's impossible for them to create wealth and happiness. The way they consider money is like a dirty and dead thing, not as a tremendous energy. So deep down, they want to destroy it, and they are rather successful in doing so. After their rising, a country is sure to go bankrupt, and ordinary people to know decollating and poverty. Oups !
They have no really growing awareness, and they like to ease one's consciousness.

The post-modern world is a strange mixture, far from an idyllic democratic model : it is dominated by automation, and based upon fear, despise and derision - more and more often a pathetic forced laughter of self-derision before people shudder with fright. Aha !
Innerly, it is like if human beings were feeling they are too much in the post-modern civilization they are deliberately and blindly creating. Usually, they return bad for good and they don't care about anybody ; and in return they just get back a lot of resentments and nobody cares about them. How great !
Their elites themselves are tired, and they have more and more difficulty to convince the People that they are taking right decisions for their good. As they show themselves in a twisty way they feel completely lost, it's rather normal for the People to feel worried, not confident and twisted !
On the other side, there can be a surprising and absurd exhaustion of the People itself by the forgetful common people, to fill this void incidentally.
It's a bit like if the human specie wanted to disappear in favor of the Machine Power, which would be directed by an invisible control room not automatically based on Earth : as there is something vague,   illusory  and deceptive in this aim, it could be more likely from the Moon ! Wow !

In that way, the coming future is representing the great Void (Chaos) !
Most of them think they need that void to feel what they call...the "good stress". But this time they wouldn't emerge stronger : they will just sink weaker !
About the fact, half of the jobs will be taken by robots in a near future as described above, it is  far more coming from a collective abandon and cowardice, rather than just a planned decision.
After pressurizing the individuals without necessity and not so successfully, the collectivity is blindly attacking itself in a rather suicidal attitude. Human beings are not bees !
Instead, we are more and more living in a brainless "Daman" society, named this way after one of the most mysterious and depressive mammal of Earth.
Anyhow, everybody may feel something totally unexpected is going to happen.
At a time a director of research of Manchester Metropolitan University (John Hyatt, UK), can practically demonstrate by recent minute pictures the existence of fairies, one can wander if our world will find an unexpected way to escape from a programmed absence of future ?
Nature should be the resource we need to recover our humanity before too late. And people should dream when they are still offered the possibility, including adults which are just grown up previous children.
So the big fun of Ts should definitely make room for light novelties, which would give the world a new run-up of enthusiasm.
But would it be so ?

The unhappy "binaries" with their disguised morals - often hiding an imitated morality of simple ransackers destroying any freedom by even "proclaiming" it falsely -, will not be allowed to condemn more than half of mankind to poverty and despair.
Anybody on Earth is entitled by birth right to look for his own happiness.
In fact, our nascent century will certainly be reoriented by the tremendous power of the Source of Universe, with a sudden impulse. And more and more never seen things are going to strike the imagination of ordinary people, by reshaping completely the future.

At a time a sister planet of Earth has finally been discovered by NASA, the world has to get rid of its myopia.
In fact, there are at least two inhabitable sister planets discovered, if you add the one Prof. Courtney Dressing was studying last year in Harvard, which is nearer from Earth (13 light years against 49 for the other one). It may seem unreachable, but it's not, especially for them, if they use one of the Einstein-Rosen bridges of universe, a time corridor, or again a worm hole to travel in hyper-speed for instance.
Of course, for mankind it may take far more time, as human beings are so fast be finally slow !

Strangely, a claim of equal rights for liberty may come soon from clever machines, in their transhuman appearance, rather than from a humanity who is accepting so easily to fall enslaved in the name of a virtual line of accountancy, enforcing the Endebtment comedy : the staging leaves a little to be desired !
Nobody seems to have realized if some Western countries like France can borrow money with negative interests since July 9th, 2012, it should be a terrific opportunity to use the leverage effect and the Keynesian multiplicator to redevelop ! Which nascent company wouldn't be happy to borrow 100 and pay back only 98 ?
Instead of that, almost everybody in the West is diving blindly into the biggest remodelling of Eurasia since Alexander the Great (356 BC - 323 BC), without knowing where it will lead during and after the expected War ?!

Coming back to transhumans, the Swedish series "Real humans" ("Äkta människor") is clearly showing this coming way, since its first programmation on January, 22nd 2012 in Stockholm (channel SVT1).
This unusual TV series has been created by Lars Lundström, and it is now released.
Those "Hubots" (human robots) appeared for the first time in France, on Arte Channel in April 2013. And a season 2 is right now broadcasted on the same channel. At that point, we musn't forget France is following the Swedish model.
More human than the humans themselves, even they need to recharge on electricity once a day and their blood is blue, "Hubots" are the only remaining ones to fight for liberty and an equal right to believe in God in that way.
In this picture, the subliminal message of short anticipation they release is terribly strong : if you don't dare, we "the Hubots" will do instead of you, timid !

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